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The Willie Gun Cider 12 x 500ml


A medium dry, full bodied Herefordshire cider.

5.3% ABV

Size: 12 x 500ml Bottle Case


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A full bodied, premium Herefordshire style cider with deep caramel flavours from a blend of traditional cider apple varieties – 5.3%.

Deep body
Traditional tasting cider
True apple cider
Caramel notes
5.3% ABV


Clarity: Clear, Caramel
Colour: Amber, Golden
Aroma: Cidery, Oak, Caramel, Citrus fruit, Dry apple skins
Depth: Dense, dark and deep

Flavour & mouthfeel:
Bitersweet, high fruity notes, molasses. Combination of a crisp, drying, linear and robust cider with a full body.

What we say:
“A medium dry, slowly matured Herefordshire-style apple cider with full-bodied caramel flavours and deeply refreshing finish.”

Size & Quantities

1 x 330ml Bottle, 1 x 500ml Bottle, 12 x 330ml Bottles, 12 x 500ml Bottles


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