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Cloudy Traditional Mulled Cider


Bring the joys of your local pub home with you this Christmas. With our Colcombe House, Cloudy Traditional Mulled Cider home kit delivered to your door.

Cloudy Traditional Cider is Medium Dry, naturally cloudy and moreish to taste.

An authentic Herefordshire style, still cider; crafted with traditional cider apple varieties to give a full-bodied cider full of character – 5.3% ABV

Our 3 Litre fridge friendly box with easy to use decanter is perfect for home use with friends and family. Plus our fine blend of spices wrapped in muslin, will infuse in hot cider for a traditional winter warmer.

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Cloudy Traditional Mulled Cider

A fine blend of spices wrapped in muslin, to infuse in hot cider for a traditional winter warmer.

3L Cloudy Traditional Cider
Star Anise


1. Decant 3L of cider and the muslin infuser into a good-sized pan (heavy bottomed if possible).

2. Apple juice may be used for a non-alcoholic alternative or added to the cider to add sweetness.

3. Add one peeled and sliced apple or orange.

4. Gently heat for 10-15 minutes on a low heat. Do not boil! If you see a lot of steam coming off the top of the liquid, turn the heat down slightly.

5. During the warming process the muslin spice infuser will release subtle flavours

6. Sample frequently until it reaches your ideal serving taste and temperature.

7. Serve with a slice of apple or orange in each tankard or glass.

8. Delicious warmed or cold.

9. Any left-over mulled cider can be decanted into a bottle and reheated as required.

10. Colcombe House Mulled Cider will keep in the fridge approximately 3 – 5 days once mulled.