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Charlie’s No.6 Bag In Box Cider 20 Litre


An exceedingly smooth & light cider for every occasion, to be appreciated on its own or an excellent base for making a summer cider punch!

At 6.0% this craft cider packs a punch!


6.0% ABV

Size: 20 Litre Box

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Premium still cider
Popular thirst quencher
Light, full of character
Excellent base for a summer punch
20 Litre bag in box contains 35 pints
Fridge Friendly Bag in Box
6.0% ABV


Clarity: Clear, Light
Colour: Straw, Yellow, Pale
Aroma: – Pear, Grassy, Sweet

Depth: A blend of dessert apples and cider apples create a sweet, gentle cider with no farmhouse aftertaste.

Flavour & mouthfeel: Refreshing, crisp finish with a sweet touch on the tongue.

What we say:

” Charlie was a revered fisherman in the period from 1916-20`s who enjoyed a relaxing cider on the bank of the River Wye. A medium-dry cider but with a slightly delicate infusion of dessert fruit to take away some of the “dry edge” effect.”

Cider makers tip:

Perfect match: 8 – 18 people with the 20 Litre box

Excellent at festivals, as the box gives a good immediate first impression, when positioned on the bar, and dispensed direct from the valve. A decent introduction of the high end appeal of the Salmon Fishing Heritage of the Colcombe House Brand.
It is the only Bag in Box (BiB) cider product that we do in a completely branded box. This would form an excellent choice for a cider-bassed summer punch, in addition to being served well chilled on its own. Sold through bars in the south west.


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