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Build Your Case Of Cider


Build your case of cider with 3 of the best, if you prefer more Mischief to Rouge or like them all equally we will build your case to suit.

Single Batch Number on each bottle.

Maximum 12 Bottles

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he Willie Gunn


A full bodied, premium Herefordshire style cider with deep caramel flavours from a blend of traditional cider apple varieties – 5.3%.

Deep body
Traditional tasting cider
True apple cider
Caramel notes
5.3% ABV

The Rouge

Medium Sweet

Uniquely crafted with real rhubarb and strawberry fruit juice, never from concentrate, and a clean tasting apple cider base. A Herefordshire summer’s day in a glass – 4.0%.

Classic artisan combination
Sweetness of strawberry
Sharpness of rhubarb
Award winning 2017 Silver
4% ABV

Mischief On the River


A clean, crisp and totally refreshing apple cider crafted with a blend of bittersweet and sweet cider apples.

Thirst quencher
Ideal first drink
4.8% ABV