Colcombe House has been growing asparagus since 2004.



We are only 150 feet above sea level, and within the River Wye flood plain.

Our rich alluvial soils provide an excellent south facing location for our asparagus spears to bask and grow in our idyllic surroundings. 

The topsoil is full of nutrients and organic matter from when my late grandfather during the 1920's, and more recently my father, both as stock-men built the farm as it is today from growing 2 to 3 year old "strong cattle" on our river pastures. 

First Asparagus Shoot

During the period 2004 to 2010, later varieties were planted, as there was increased demand from our customers.

In 2016, and in a new patch of ground, the team at Colcombe House planted an April / May maturing variety. Today this now means that there is a longer harvesting window from the 3rd week of April, right through to the 3rd week of June.

This captures perfectly our typography and climate, as the spring soil warms, so we see the benefits of our outdoor asparagus grow with the improving temperatures. 

Make the most of the eight week asparagus season please see our recipes.




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