Premium Cider Made In Herefordshire

Colcombe House Heritage

Nurturing Apples & orchards since 1927

Colcombe House In the 1920s

Family Estate

With over 90 years of family ownership of their River Wye soils, the Rogers Family, have amassed 3 generations in Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire.

Such dedication demonstrates their beliefs in husbandry to their estate & orchards. 

Apple Orchards which now stretch for 8 acres around Colcombe House and touching the banks of the River Wye produce the red apples we all know and love which make the Colcombe House crisp and fresh craft cider.

Colcombe House also grows a variety of vegetables which includes Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Purple Sprouting which are sold on our sister website Colcombe House Kitchen.

Colcombe House The Brand

The Colcombe House Brand nicely encapsulates such family heritage.

The house itself, was once a celebrated Salmon Fishing Lodge. Queen Victoria’s son, The Duke of Connaught, was known to frequent this most revered stretch of water.

Premium Craft Ciders

With this heritage, and whilst being a passionate apple grower for over 20 years, Founder Kier Rogers took a leap of faith in 2016, founding Colcombe House Premium Ciders. Selecting the finest apples from orchards that now thrive in the fertile soils that surround Colcombe House itself, to produce wonderful Premium, Craft ‘Single Estate’ Ciders.

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