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Rhooberry 20 Litre Boxed Cider

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Great value at approx. £1.62 a pint.

Medium Sweet: - 

Uniquely crafted with real rhubarb and strawberry fruit juice, never from concentrate, and a clean tasting apple cider base. A Herefordshire summer's day in a glass - 4.0%.

  • Classic artisan combination
  • Sweetness of strawberry
  • Sharpness of rhubarb
  • Award winning 2017 Silver
  • 4% ABV

Appearance: - 

  • Clarity: Clear
  • Colour: Rose

Aroma: - Berry fruits, strawberries and cream, high fruity notes, fresh, summer fruits

Depth: - Light, subtle

Flavour & mouthfeel: - fruity acidity from the rhubarb.  Sugary, semi-drying, long mouth-feel. Well balanced medium body and exceedingly moreish.

What we say: -

" Subtle concoction of ripe, sweet strawberry with tart rhubarb for a semi-drying, tasty tipple. Our most popular summer cider! "

Cider makers tip: - 

 We recommend you mix this together in a jug with fresh strawberries, cucumber,  mint and of course a stick of rhubarb!

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