The Colcombe House Experience

We have teamed up with 3 local businesses 'D.T Waller & Sons Butchers' 'Spiced by Rayeesa' and 'Two farmers Crisps'. We firmly believe in 'Local' and would be very interested to work with other small businesses, so together with them, we can 'keep the wheels turning' and deliver craft produce from our respective businesses!

Rayeesa makes delicious curry sauces, and as Rayeesa only lives in the next village, it made sense that we combine our ideas, we both have delivery vans, and together with Two farmers Crisps, local businessmen Sean Mason, and Mark Green, and D.T Waller and Sons Butchers, we are looking to support your changing situation, and here at Colcombe House we have worked hard to develop our food and drink isolation packs that have only been developed recently.  

This blend of produce we are calling:  'The Colcombe House Experience'

Show your thanks to and/or support to a close family member; our choice of Premium Isolation Packs would also serve as 'a gift of appreciation' to your close neighbours, or indeed friends who you were due to meet up with!

These Colcombe House PIP's have been inspired and created for ALL these reasons during this very uncertain period of COVID-19 lockdown. Send your love with a luxury survival kit.  

Our PIPs and the 'Platinum Hamper' (Bespoke Fill) are being launched with our ever popular Colcombe House 3 Bottle Gift Packs as a staple gift product, as this social isolation sadly escalates, and each day now - let alone each week - is clearly changing. 

The small team here at our cider warehouse are thinking of the wider public at large, and therefore we have also developed a wider range of affordable food and drinks packs. You can see all our Food, Drink & Isolation packs Here.

If you are local to Hampton Bishop, Hereford and would like to order a Vegetable and Staple Goods pack call our order line on: 01432 873 100

Read about our partners:

Spiced by Rayeesa 

Two Farmers Crisps 

D.T Waller and Sons Butchers

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